QSL story

I'm really happy toreceive my first QSL cards today.

You get that thick envelope you recognize because it was you who wrote your own address above. It is like a Kinder Surprise Egg, "So, what am I going to find in it ???"

And there, full of memories come to mind: "Oh yes this contact, it was during the IARU championship !", "Oh great, this activation that I found original" or even "So that -There, I was not expecting! ".

And in the middle is a small card. Oh no thick glossy card with beautiful colors, no, a QSL card with a cartoon black and white accompanied by a lot of writing with a ballpoint pen on the part of OM. And this one, I'll keep it very carefully !

A few days after my 38 old birthday, I had almost finished my lessons with CW method KOCH and I had just signed up to SKCC. The spirit and objectives of this club perfectly match my expectations and my vision of practicing Morse code. I am in the shack with my FT-1000D and has spent several days I decided to disconnect and turn my microphone aside and told me that it would be the best technique to finally immerse fully in CW. I go to the SKCC site in parallel and I throw an eye on the skeds. I already had the opportunity to make one or two quick and clumsy QSO with US OMs. Until that moment I was aksed by a French OM giving me a sked on the 80 meters band to perform together a QSO on CW. So where's the magic in that? But where to take us with her story simple guy say to me does he want?

The QSO is part of my first CW. I started to transmit since a few days and each time, it's a big stress that came over me : fear of evil manipulate or forgetting words in the QSO, fear of disappointing actually. I started and I often make analogies with the world every day that does not leave too a chance to people who are not effective immediately.

But I'm wrong because that OM has naturally adapted to my speed and go for a QSO in French with his usual abbreviations. And we pass any review, RST, first name, QTH, traffic conditions ... etc. All this with a great education and well-spaced groups of characters. Then OM currently transmitting me his encouragement and welcome to the committed efforts.

At the end, I felt the same intensity after my first QSO as amateur or my first assembly that finally worked. You know, the kind of event which we live and after 5 minutes we remain in a near catatonic state by saying "awesome, I did it !!!".

This QSO was made with F5DE (SKCC # 6247T) and Bernard must not imagine for a moment that his QSL card could generate an article, which I dedicate to him elsewhere.

It was a memorable moment for me because OM in question showed great teaching and a lot of patience in order not to drown in the characters typed too quickly or not sufficiently spaced. This is part of the first QSO where stress you live and where the desire to do well is very present.

But what satisfaction in the end! Go on Jérôme, courage, show must go on !