My first QSL card design

Here is my first QSL card design :



On the front, the picture of "balls" was taken there for over 10 years in trying to test the new Fuji camera of one of my friends. By chance, the only shot I could take, was probably my favorite.
On the back, a fleeting moment before during the visit of a famous Champagne cellar to several tens of meters deep.

All this gives a rather graphic QSL card that I wanted a little different from endless shots of shacks or all most gigantic antennas each other. Finally my shack, you can see the top of this web page and my antennas are summed up to a multi-dipole and a mobile dual-band vertical. Nothing exciting, isn't it?

So finally, is it not better to examine the curious graphics which we do not really know the origin or see the same platitudes : the same shacks, the same antennas, the same keys... Especially if, as me, you do not have a station out of the ordinary?