First DX PSK31 QSO

Well tonight, first DX contact in PSK31 and in this case with VY2FYY Venezuela.

I've done it QSO wait before I go to bed because the reward is finally here.

Before that I had checked the propagation conditions on 40m for early night and I observed conditions that might arise in the direction of America.

After some very interesting QSO on the north and east of Europe, I intercepted a QSO between an Italian and a Canadian. From that moment, I realized that it was "open."

The Grail, the answer appeared on the screen of my Venezuelan matching! We were able to exchange items on our respective stations in addition to traditional information on the report, QTH and locator. My first real DX since my accession to the high-frequency bands. And I do not think with my simple dipole (north-south) and my 50 watts it is possible to do so on 40 meters without any real difficulty. I must admit that the period lends itself to DX night on the strip.

Next challenge: make PSK QRP QSO !