My first morse key

This article has a title that is not entirely true.

Indeed, after learning the CW the first time, I had offered a Bencher RJ-2 key. During a long period of weariness radio, I had sold this key.

I have since taken my radio activities, spent my amateur radio license and since then I have gone back to the CW for my greatest pleasure. My traffic now takes 99% in this mode that fascinates me both by its effectiveness and its simplicity. This binary language (a dialogue with dots and dashes or rather "dih" and "dah") can be considered the first digital transmission mode.

When I reached the level necessary to begin broadcasts in Morse, I started looking for a key to both simple and effective. There are keys on Chinese auction websites at very affordable taken but rather being allergic to products from that country follower copying of all kinds, I nosed the net to find reviews on the adapted key beginners but also reliable and comfortable, which can be used for many years. I've used to keep my equipment rather than change with the changes of moods.

I found quite possitifs reviews for this famous Czech military key :

It is precise, robust and effective. I am provided a fast enough for me to realize later that I hadn't made a bad choice.

There are two settings : the spring tension and spacing between the two contacts which closes the transmitting circuit.

These settings do not move in time and you do them with great accuracy. This is surprising because one would expect from a military equipment from Eastern Europe to something more rude. It is not so.

Connection to a modern transceiver will require to make a small cable because the key is provided with an original cord ending in a 2-terminal plug resembling a french 220V outlet. Nothing terrible to do, don't worry.

Operating QRS, I have no trouble comfortably handle with a swing speed between 13 and 15 words / min, which corresponds to my decoding speed. Do not laugh !

It follows me everywhere in my mobile activities. It fears nothing on the ground and fits easily in a backpack.

For those who, like me, looking for a simple material to start in CW, do not hesitate! It is easy to find used oscillating prices between 30 and 60 euros for a copy in good condition.

Finally, know that I know some good CW operators who have in the shack and kept her at the prestigious side keys such as Begali or Vibroplex.