"New" computer in the shack

It turns out that after one year of using my PC, I am frequently confronted with problems of stability that I can not truly know the origin. This demonstrates how random but systematically, it is a complete blockage of PC is observed. No blue screen, no mouse and keyboard no longer effective and hard drives are stopped. 

Having spent some time researching the problem, to no avail, I decided to change my current setup. My turn comes from a mix of several PC and sometimes some parts are incompatible or worn. 

I wanted the heels make me happy by giving me an "old" workstation, ie HP, an HP xw6600 more precisely. 

That's basically the chosen config: 

  • 2 Quad-Core Xeon E5440 (2.83 GHz) 

  • 8GB ECC RAM 

  • 2 hard drives 73GB 15k SAS - Raid 0 

  • 1 NVIDIA GTX 560

  • Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS 

  • Windows 7 Ultimate Pro 64

The aim will be to display a 2 or 3 screens with a machine stable and powerful enough to drive the various applications required. Then I will consider to integrate a card with serial and parallel interfaces to control various ports.